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passenger-lift NCR
MRL passenger lift manufacturer 

Elevator is a mechanical invention dedicated to carrying a passenger and small items. One such elevator is MRL elevator. MRL stands for Machine Room less Lift that is efficient and safe. Its capacity depends upon the number of floors available in a building. Also, these lifts can be specialized by MRL lift manufacturers in Delhi NCR. One such expert manufacturer of MRL Lift is Him Fuji Elevators.


We provide specialized MRL lifts which are capable of rendering services for Hospital emergencies, residential purposes, etc. Features vary according to the place where the machine is used. For residential purposes, space needed might be small or for a dozen, whereas, for hospitals, space is needed especially for the transport of wheelchairs, etc.


So, being a renowned MRL passenger lift manufacturer in NCR and Delhi, we note down every need of our customer and then produce a worthwhile option.


About MRL lifts and elevators


Him Fuji Elevators being one of the renowned name in MRL elevator manufacturers, we would though support the idea of MRL lifts, yet these lifts have their own benefits. In these elevators, machines do not need a separate machine room. The machines are fitted in thehoistway. Such elevators are good to be installed in low rising and mid rising buildings with a height not more than 80 mtr.


What are the advantages of MRL Elevators?


  • Such lifts eliminate the need of a machine room like in traditional lifts
  • They reduce power consumption
  • They provide better speed as compared to hydraulic systems
  • As their architecture is quite compact, they are quite cost effective
  • They have front or rear openings


How are MRL lifts better than Hydraulic lifts?


We being an MRL passenger lift manufacturer in Delhi, definitely promote the use of MRL lifts over Hydraulic Lifts. The benefits of MRL lifts over Hydraulic lifts are mentioned below.

  • They are gearless machines; they use apermanent
  • They give a variable speed from 1m/s to 1.5m/s.
  • They can bear a load up to 1088 kg.
  • They provide a smooth ride with the first-class suspension with roller shoe.
  • They have cabins with great finish
  • They are easily installed and require a very less
  • They need no room, no windows for vision, and ventilation.
  • They are earthquake friendly
  • They are highly reliable and money-saving


Why connect us regarding elevator-related services?


We at Him Fuji Elevators have a team of highly experienced and skilled people. Our team is skill fully organized to manufacture the best quality MRL passenger lifts. Our top quality products make us a popular name among the MRL passenger lift manufacturer in Noida. We also render our services in Delhi and Gurgaon.

To secure the position of top MRL passenger lift manufacturer in Ghaziabad, we manufacture lifts that have great design, strength, capacity and affordability. Despite the manufacturing, we also cater for maintenance and stay with you through all stages of the project.


Come and grab the technologically advanced lift with us!!


We at Him Fuji Elevators have accomplished the aim of becoming a prominent MRL passenger lift manufacturer in Gurgaon along with Ghaziabad, Noida and Delhi.

Being manufacturer and MRL elevator suppliers, we always experiment with the technology. It helps us to produce advance lifts with impeccable capability.

MRL lift layout